What is the Collectibles Marketplace?

RealFevr joined the NFTs and cryptocurrency space by building everlasting digital football moments that fans can own, cherish and treasure for all eternity, as users have self-custody of their on-chain assets, as well as the first Multi-sports NFT (video format) marketplace.
These collectibles are limited and showcase unique moments in the history of football. They are also backed by official licenses secured through partnerships with rights holders and even Football Clubs, which means no other project or entity can deploy the same Moments on the blockchain legally, since all the rights for every moment have been secured by RealFevr. These two points are what gives our digital collectibles true intrinsic value.
In the current version marketplace, users can buy and sell sports Moments.
  • Besides buying directly on the Marketplace, you may also obtain digital collectibles through our Drops (digital pack sales). They are special events that are announced on our social media and website, where users purchase different kinds of digital packs using $FEVR (the crypto token that is the fuel of the whole RealFevr ecosystem).
  • The Moments that come inside the packs have 5 tiers of rarity (COMMON, SPECIAL, EPIC, LEGENDARY and UNIQUE) and will never be repeated again in future drops.
Numbers: over 140k packs sold; over 25k NFT transactions on the Marketplace; over 1 million registered number of smart-contract transactions on the BNB blockchain; most expensive Moment bought for $91k.