What is Organya?

Watch your collectibles gain life as you step into the arena
Organya is our football turn-based strategy game where players build decks composed of RealFevr digital collectibles (which are sports video moments such as goals and saves from the world's top athletes) that become in-game assets, to battle against each other. The main objective, like in a real football game, is to score more goals than the opposition when the time expires.
The game brings the utility of our digital collectibles to a whole new level. Organya allows multiple different uses for the FEVR token, as well as any other token that becomes part of RealFevr’s ecosystem.
Fully Licensed Video Moments
  • Since 2021, RealFevr has held several NFT collection drops with world-class video sports moments from players such as Bruno Fernandes, who is RealFevr’s global ambassador and shareholder, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Ángel Di María, Ronaldinho, Eric Cantona, Francesco Totti, Rúben Dias, and many others. We partner with global sports rights holders, such as federations & clubs and give new life to their video archives, transforming the video moments into NFTs, and now gamifying them for Organya.
  • The NFTs are sold through packs (with $FEVR token), and after the opening users trade them P2P on the Collectibles Marketplace, built on BNB blockchain.
  • The gameplay was inspired by digital trading card games like Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone, among many others.
  • Players earn tangible rewards in a sustainable game model. These gamenomics use a new play-and-earn economy that no other blockchain game has used before, which you can read more about here.