Letter - A
Airdrop: A crypto airdrop refers to the transfer of digital assets from a crypto project to multiple wallets.
ATH: Short for "All Time High", is the highest price ever reached by a cryptocurrency.
ATL: Short for "All Time Low", is the lowest price ever reached by a cryptocurrency.
AMA: Short for "Ask Me Anything", is usually an live session where the representants of a project answer to spontaneous questions from the community.
Letter - B
Bearish: When someone is "Bearish", it means that they have negative expectations towards a certain project, cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible-Token, or the market.
Bitcoiner: Someone who bought, received, or has bitcoin.
Bullish: Contrary to "Bearish", if someone is "Bullish", it means that they believe that a particular cryptocurrency or non-fungible token (NFT) will rise in value.
Letter - C
No Coiner: A "No Coiner" is someone who’s pessimistic about crypto and doesn’t believe that there is a use case for it.
Letter - D
Diamond Hands: This term refers to holding your position regardless of lows or highs.
DYOR: Short for "Do Your Own Research", is a common crypto slang referring to the idea that investors should conduct extensive research before investing in a project.
Dump: When the price of a digital asset decreases, often at a faster pace or in larger moves than normal.
Dip: When the price of a currency drops and quickly rises.
Letter - F
FOMO: Short for "Fear of Missing Out", is the fear of missing out on the profit you might make if you don't buy or sell an asset, attached to the feeling of anxiety or the idea that other people are sharing in a positive or unique experience during a certain market moment.
Letter - G
GM: Short for "Good Morning", used to greet others and promote goodwill.
Letter - K
KYC: Short for “Know Your Customer", describes the process of verifying the identity of (new) customers.
KYT: Short for "Know Your Transaction", is a commonly used financial industry term that refers to the process of examining financial transactions for fraudulent or suspicious activities including money laundering.
Letter - M
Maximalist: Someone who only buys, hodls and uses Bitcoin.
Letter - N
NFA: Short for "Not Financial Advice", is used as a disclaimer when someone gives their opinion about a certain investment but one should not base their investment on that, and should do their own research first.
NGMI: Short for "Not Gonna Make It", means that someone is not going to be successful in a certain crypto investment.
Letter - P
Paper Hands: Paper Hands refers to investors who sell investments too early, often because they are risk averse.
Pizza Day: The day the first bitcoins were spent on a real-world purchase: pizzas.
Pump: When the price of a digital asset increases, often at a faster pace or in larger moves than normal.
Letter - R
Rekt: This term often refers to someone who has experienced a heavy financial loss due to a wrong trade or investment.
Letter - S
SAFU: Short for "Secure Asset Fund for Users”, is an emergency reserve held to protect investor assets on the Binance crypto exchange. It's also used by the crypto community to imply that assets are safe..
Stacking Sats: Purchasing small amounts of Bitcoin over a long period. A sat, or satoshi, is the smallest unit of measure for the price of bitcoin.
Shitcoiner: Someone who buys, hodls and uses other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin.
Letter - W
Whale: A person or group that owns a large portion of a cryptocurrency.
WAGMI: Short for "We are Gonna Make It", means that someone is expected to be successful in a certain crypto investment.
When Moon?: A question used to ask when a certain asset will extremely rise in value (price).
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