Game Modes

Experience the game in multiple ways.
Choose "Battles" on the main menu to start playing. You get XP that will count towards your ranking on the Leaderboard for playing in all of the game modes.
  • Practice: Play against the A.I. The bot opponent will always have the same deck power as yours. For first-time players, it’s the perfect way to understand the game rules and mechanics!
  • Free-For-All (PVP), as the name suggests, is a free PVP game mode available for everyone. It’s a way to test your deck against other players, who may have weaker or stronger decks than you.
These game modes are only accessible after buying respective entry tickets. You can only buy the tickets on the website, but you can access the Store from inside the game and be forwarded to the website.
  • Battle:
- FEVR Battle offers the winners rewards in $FEVR tokens, the native token of the RealFevr ecosystem.
- BNB Battle offers rewards in BNB, the native token of the BNB chain.
- ETH Battle offers rewards in ETH, the native token of the Ethereum chain.
  • Survival: The game mode where the more wins you secure in a row, the more rewards you will win! If you lose, you break your streak while collecting the rewards of your last win. You can enter the same Survival game as many times as you wish while it is live, by depositing tickets.
  • Playoffs: The ultimate mode for the ultimate champions. Tournaments are events hosted at specific times where players compete against each other in a typical tournament/championship structure. Deposit your ticket to register before kickoff time. The more players register, the highest reward you'll get if you win!