Tokenomics / Burning nomics

The $FEVR token was launched in July 2021, on the BNB Smart Chain, through an IDO by Polkastarter.
  • Total Supply: 15,453,746,771
  • Circulation Supply: 12,621,913,531
  • Private Sale: Fully Vested
  • Public Sale: Fully Vested
  • Main Network: BNB Chain
  • $FEVR is the currency used to buy Moments that come inside digital packs. Pack sales are called Drops. It is also one of the currencies that can be used to buy Moments directly in the Collectibles Marketplace.
  • 40% of the $FEVR spent on Drops is returned to RealFevr and locked. We have burned the accumulated $FEVR from the first 3 Drops, but there is no guarantee that we will do so again in the future.
  • In Organya, $FEVR is the main currency and can be used to purchase tickets and access certain game modes.
  • When you purchase a ticket to play the Game Modes with rewards in Organya, a certain percentage of the $FEVR fee is burned. As more tickets are bought, more $FEVR is burned.
  • $FEVR can be staked at, not in any other website/platform. RealFevr is not responsible for lost assets and tokens due to users staking on third-party websites/platforms.
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