Collectibles Marketplace

Questions about RealFevr's Collectibles Marketplace, which you can learn about more in-depth here.
If you are unfamiliar with Web3 (crypto & blockchain), we recommend you read through our Crypto Basics sections.
What are NFTs?
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a unique digital item. NFTs are managed on a blockchain, a database that traces the ownership and transaction history of each NFT, providing a unique code ID and metadata that no other token or user can duplicate. They are also impossible to counterfeit and immediately authenticated.
What are RealFevr NFTs?
RealFevr Moments are digital collectibles of sports moments in video format. Each moment contains a unique ID that can easily be verified on a public blockchain (BNB chain).
By combining breakthrough tech and blockchain’s decentralization with the uniqueness of fully licensed video collectibles that empower holders we provide utility to each NFT through a gamified ecosystem. RealFevr NFTs are unrepeatable in future editions.
What is rarity and how does it work?
RealFevr digital collectibles have different degrees of rarity: Common, Special, Epic, Legendary and Unique. The rarer the video collectible, the lower the drop rate. Hence, there will always be more Common than Special; more Special than Epic; more Epic than Legendary; and, finally, more Legendary than Unique. To conclude, Unique collectibles only have one copy (1/1).
What is the Collectibles Marketplace?
A peer-to-peer marketplace designed for trading RealFevr NFT collectibles among users. Transactions are conducted using either $FEVR or $BNB tokens, and each transaction's details are permanently logged on the blockchain.
Are RealFevr NFTs available in other marketplaces?
You can also find Moments in other marketplaces in the web3 space (such as OpenSea). Keep in mind we cannot guarantee the same safety and features from our own collectibles marketplace in others.
RealFevr is not responsible for issues, problems and lost funds/assets you may encounter for choosing to purchase in other marketplaces.
How do I buy RealFevr Moments?
You must connect your wallet to our website and create a User Profile before you can make purchases.
Users purchase Moments using either $FEVR or BNB. Check this section of the knowledge base to learn where to buy both.
You may also choose to buy packs during Drops, which contain Moments inside. Learn on how to buy them here.
I had a problem while buying Moments in the marketplace. What do I do?
Contact our support team at [email protected]. Please describe the issue and provide your wallet address and we'll assist you!
What are Drops?
Drops mark the moments when digital packs containing RealFevr collectibles are sold to the public. Each Drop has its own name/collection that can vary according to the theme and partnership in question.
Their starting date and time is always announced in our social media channels, so stay tuned.
Packs can only be purchased with $FEVR.