What are Moments used for?

Discover the use cases (current and future) of our Moments
Supply and demand are the two most basic economic concepts we are all familiar with. It is not commendable to increase the supply of a product without guaranteeing an increase in demand. The concept of demand in the NFT space is influenced by several factors, speculation and utility being the main influencers.
Utility is the main driver behind our decisions regarding the future of both our token $FEVR and our collectibles. The NFT utilities users can expect to see implemented within our ecosystem, in a near future, are the following:
  • Organya: Watch your collectibles gain life in Web3 Football Strategy Game, in which you build a deck of 50 collectible moments (video moments from football players) with different stats where you play in 1v1 matches with the objective of destroying your opponents' defense and scoring goals. The game merges reality and fantasy within its story, while introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology, granting you total ownership of your collectibles and the ability to trade them with others.
  • Dropbooks: The revolution of the digital collecting experience - collect and earn. Dropbooks are the digital version of collector sticker albums where you lock your Moments for a certain amount of time and earn rewards in return.
Coming in the future:
  • Borrow and Lending: Lend your collectibles or borrow them from other collectors, powered by $FEVR.
  • Challenges & achievements: Collection challenges will contribute to the gamification process of your experience as a collector: the more Moments you own, the higher the likelihood for you to successfully complete multiple challenges & achievements while being rewarded to do so.