Collectibles, Marketplace and Dropbook

Letter - A
Allowlist: A mechanism that allows entities with permissions to access a particular service and privilege. In RealFevr's case, the Allowlist initiative gives access to the Pre-sales.
Letter - B
Badges: Badges are one of the gateways to the gamification of our collectibles ecosystem. Moments can have badges associated with it, which indicates relevant events that add value to the moment, such as the "First Edition Drop" Badge given to every moment selected for the first-ever RealFevr's Drop. They can be found on the moment's page, next to the tier.
Borrow and Lending: Lend your collectibles or borrow them from other collectors, powered by $FEVR.
Letter - C
Clubs Lounge: A "social" platform where Sports Clubs will have they own individual page and launch Pack Drops with dedicated moments.
Letter - D
Digital Collectibles: Moments in video format. Each moment contains a unique ID that can easily be verified on a public blockchain (BNB chain).
Digital Collectibles Tiers: RealFevr digital collectibles have different degrees of rarity: Common, Special, Epic, Legendary and Unique. The rarer the video collectible, the lower the drop rate. Hence, there will always be more Common than Special; more Special than Epic; more Epic than Legendary; and, finally, more Legendary than Unique. To conclude, Unique digital collectibles only have one copy (1/1).
Drop / Pack Drop: A Drop is a Pack Sale. In other words, a moment in which packs containing our NFT collectibles are sold to the public.
Dropbook: Digital “Sticker” Albums of each Drop collection, where users can earn rewards by locking theirs moments and completing progression levels.
Dropbook Rewards: By making progress in the completion of each rarity tier of your Dropbooks, you will unlock multiple milestones that will grant you amazing rewards (XP - Experience Points , $FEVR, Allowlist)
Letter - E
Edition: The edition shows from which Drop the NFT is from. For example, First Edition NFTs were introduced in the very first Drop in 2021.
Letter - F
Fusion: The NFT Fusion Mechanism will be the process through which you will be able to fuse multiple NFTs from the same moment to create a superior version of that moment. Those repeated NFTs will be destroyed forever, being now replaced by this evolved version.
Letter - L
Licenses: RealFevr NFTs are officially licensed, which means no other project or entity can use the same video moments to make NFTs legally, since all the rights for every moment displayed have been secured by RealFevr. No other project or entity can deploy the same Moments on the blockchain legally, since all the rights for every moment have been secured by RealFevr, giving the digital collectibles true intrinsic value.
Letter - M
Marketplace Fees: When a collectible is sold on the Marketplace, the digital rights holder takes 2% in royalties, and RealFevr takes 2% as service fee.
Moments: Moments in video format. Each moment contains a unique ID that can easily be verified on a public blockchain (BNB chain).
Mint: Process of validating information, creating a new block, and recording that information into the blockchain. Basically, it's the process in which your NFT is added to the blockchain. You will need to mint your collectibles in order to sell them on the Marketplace. It's not necessary to complete Dropbooks and play FEVR Battle Arena.
Letter - P
Packs: RealFevr packs contain video collectibles. Each pack contains a certain amount of digital collectibles, and the drop rate may vary depending on the cost of the pack. The more expensive, the higher drop rate for rarer digital collectibles.
Pack Rarity Tiers: All collectibles come in packs with different rarities and supply: Basic, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra. The rarer the pack, the higher the chances you are gifted with an extremely scarce moment. Packs also contain different quantities of NFTs inside, according to their rarity and price.
Pre-Sale: The Pre-Sales are moments before the Public Sale (main sale) in which allowlisted users get early access to purchase some packs before everyone else. Generally, the Pre-Sale happens 1 hour before the Public Sale.
Public Sale: Moment where the packs are available for purchase to all customers.
Letter - S
Self-Custody: After an NFT purchase, you get total ownership of your assets, which means that no other person but you can access them (you become fully-responsible for their safety).
Serial Number: Moments differ in supply, depending on the tier. The serial numbers indicates which one you specifically own (for example "54/5000" means there are 5000 different NFTs of this moment and you own the one with serial number #54). This helps to distinguish two NFTs of the same moment. Specific numbers that are relevant to the player in question can create added value to the NFT. For example, a Cristiano Ronaldo moment whose serial number is #7 (the number of his jersey) might be worth more in the eyes of collectors.
Social Login: Social login uses information from email and ocial networking sites, such as Facebook and Discord, to facilitate logins on RealFevr's website. The process is designed to simplify sign-in and registration experiences, providing a alternative to direct Wallet connection.
Letter - R
Rights Holder: Global sports rights holders, such as Federations and Clubs, that partner with RealFevr to turno their video archives into digital collectibles.
Letter - U
User Profile: The user's personal area in which they can access information about their collector's experience