Learn about the true nature of the upcoming game
By taking a look at the rest of the industry, we took notice of the long term unsustainability of the Play2Earn model which does not align with the plans we had for our own game.
RealFevr will not walk the same path nor commit the same mistakes that many failed projects, unfortunately, did. We are for the long term, as such we needed to develop a model for our moments trading game that embodies that motto: the Play-And-Earn model.
Organya's gamenomics model concerning the earning aspect rewards skill. The players who will benefit are those who win, and not all players that play the game.
By implementing this model, RealFevr can guarantee a long term sustainable economy in which the better a player becomes, the higher the earning potential, rather than rewarding every player that simply plays, which would become unsustainable later down the line.
Another important game mechanic coming into play is the match synchronization between players with similar decks in ticketed Game Modes. This ensures fairness in every match of the game, to avoid having players with a very strong deck paired against someone with a substantially weaker deck. You, as a player, will be paired off with players with the same deck strength as yours.