Organya (the Game)

Questions about our Web3 Football Strategy Game, Organya, which you can learn about more in-depth here.
If you are unfamiliar with Web3 (crypto & blockchain), we recommend you read through our Crypto Basics sections.
What is Organya?
Organya is a turn-based football strategy game in which you build a deck of 50 collectible moments (video moments from football players) with different stats where you play in 1v1 matches with the objective of destroying your opponents' defense and scoring goals.
The game merges reality and fantasy within its story, while introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology, granting you total ownership of your collectibles and the ability to trade them with others.
Within the story, Organya is a floating planet orbiting Earth — humanity's last hope for survival, and host of the ultimate sports Arenas.
Where/how do I access the game?
Create a User Profile on our website, connect your wallet and download the game (available on both Windows and iOS, with mobile version coming soon).
Once the game is live, you must fetch the login code on the website, open the game and paste the code to login. There will be instructions on the new website.
Do I need $FEVR and Moments to play?
Organya offers a Free-To-Play experience. You build decks with Grey Tier Moments, which are game assets the game provides for free. Try it out and get familiarized with the gameplay!
In order to keep the ecosystem sustainable in the long run, if you wish to earn rewards from the Daily Game quest you will need a 2-Star Deck and to play in any of the Arenas, which requires you to get stronger Moments and purchase Arena tickets (with $FEVR or BNB) on the Ticket shop.
Can I use Moments that are locked in the Dropbook in the game?
Yes, locked Moments are still available in the Deck Builder inside the game.
Can I use Moments that are up for sale in the game?
No, Moments that are listed on the marketplace cannot be used. If you wish to use them, you must cancel the sale first.
Do you have a tutorial?
Once you enter the game you will go through the Tutorial Scenario, where the Prophet of the Pitch will teach you about the game and its rules.
Follow our Organya Instagram page to learn tricks.
What Game Modes does you have?
Currently, we offer the following game modes:
Practice: Play against a bot to train as you familiarize yourself with the gameplay.
Free-For-All: Free entry. Either play against players with the same deck power as yours, or lower/higher.
Arenas: Purchase an Arena ticket (with $FEVR or BNB) to enter. The winner of the match takes
Survival Mode: Check if there are any Survival games live, and purchase a Survival ticket to enter. The more consecutive wins you get, the more rewards you earn. If you lose during the streak, you'll get the reward related to your last victory.
I experienced a bug/problem while playing. What do I do?
Please contact our support team at [email protected] or open a ticket on our Discord server.