How to create a Web3 wallet?

In the crypto space, you are essentially your own bank. You are responsible for keeping, managing and transfering your funds, following a peer-to-peer model. This grants you a lot of freedom, but keep in mind that this also means that if you accidentally lose your funds due to a mistake while making a transaction, you can't get them back and no one else is responsible for that loss.
It's important to do your own diligence and educate yourself to avoid these scenarios.
Web3 wallets are your trusted companions, the place where your assets are stored. There are plenty of options to choose from, but we’ll use MetaMask as an example:
Desktop version:
Go to the MetaMask website and click “Download”. Pick your browser of choice to install the browser extension, and follow the instructions.
App version:
MetaMask supports both iOS and Android native apps (with Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge browser extensions available).
Download it and follow the instructions on the app.
Make sure you keep a physical copy of your seed phrase and never share it with anyone. If you lose your seed phrase, you’ll lose access to your funds forever.