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Find out more about the vision we have for all its products
Roadmap 🔥 Coming next to...
🎮 Organya:
  • Deck Lending and Borrowing
  • Mobile Version
  • Action NFTs (Action Spells)
  • Guilds
  • Tournaments
🚀 RealFevr Platform:
Also on the Roadmap:
  • Partner up with more Athletes as Ambassadors
  • Bring Athletes as Users to the Platform
  • Onboard More Clubs
  • Acquire More Video Licenses from Big Competitions and Other Sports
  • New Web3/Crypto Partnerships
  • Multiple Exchange Listings
  • RealFevr Collectibles in other NFT marketplaces (besides OpenSea, where we are already listed)
  • Organya in Web2 and Web3 Gaming Platforms
  • Organya Ambassadors (Streamers and Influencers)
  • Expansion to E-Sports
  • Presence at Sports/Tech/Crypto and International Gaming Events
  • Integration of other NFT collections in Organya
...and much more! RealFevr won't be a hidden 💎 forever