What are RealFevr Moments?

Learn all about our sports collectibles
Moments are digital collectibles of sports moments in video format. Each moment contains a unique ID that can easily be verified on a public blockchain (BNB chain).
RealFevr brought to life what all fans have hoped for: owning every single moment you could possibly imagine that defined the history of sports.
Now let's pick them apart to understand what comes into play:
  • Tiers - our sports video moments rarity ranges from COMMON, SPECIAL, EPIC, LEGENDARY or UNIQUE
  • Details - each moment comes with a description! Learn why each moment is so treasured by diving into the backstory behind each artist - the athlete.
  • Edition - the edition shows from which Drop the NFT is from. For example, First Edition NFTs were introduced in the very first Drop in 2021.
  • Serial Number - moments differ in supply, depending on the tier. The serial numbers indicates which one you specifically own (for example "54/5000" means there are 5000 different NFTs of this moment and you own the one with serial number #54). This helps to distinguish two NFTs of the same moment. Specific numbers that are relevant to the player in question can create added value to the NFT. For example, a Cristiano Ronaldo moment whose serial number is #7 (the number of his jersey) might be worth more in the eyes of collectors.
  • Badges - each moment also has different badges associated with it. Check out all the different kinds of badges here.
  • Official Licenses - RealFevr NFTs are officially licensed, which means no other project or entity can use the same video moments to make NFTs legally, since all the rights for every moment displayed have been secured by RealFevr. Licenses are obtained through strategic partnerships with Media Rights Holders and even Football Clubs.
  • Self-Custody - After an NFT purchase, you get total ownership of your assets, which means that no other person but you can access them (you become fully-responsible for their safety).
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