What is the $FEVR token for?
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Current use cases
  • Buying packs: Packs can be purchased on our website during Drops. They contain our licensed digital collectibles, which you can only buy with $FEVR token.
  • Buying digital collectibles: Our moments can be purchased with either $FEVR or BNB.
  • Staking: You can deposit your tokens in staking pools and earn interest (choosing between fixed, flexible and LP flex available staking pools)
  • Integration in Organya: $FEVR is the main currency of Organya, our Web3 Sports Strategy game where RealFevr collectible moments become in-game items. To play some of the game modes, players buy tickets with $FEVR and receive token rewards.
Upcoming use cases
  • NFT Borrowing and Lending: Users will be able to collect, borrow and lend our digital collectibles. When a user lends a collectible, he will get $FEVR as payment. When a user borrows a collectible, he will pay $FEVR to the lender. RealFevr will always keep a small fee from each transaction made.
... More features to bring additional $FEVR utilities are already in the works!