General questions about the ecosystem.
If you are unfamiliar with Web3 (crypto & blockchain), we recommend you read through our Crypto Basics sections.
What is RealFevr?
RealFevr is a web3 startup building an ambitious sports GameFi ecosystem around licensed sports digital collectibles and video games.
What are your products?
  • Collectibles Marketplace - A peer-to-peer marketplace designed for trading RealFevr NFT collectibles among users. Transactions are conducted using either $FEVR or BNB tokens, and each transaction's details are permanently logged on the blockchain.
  • Organya - Organya is a turn-based football strategy game in which you build a deck of 50 collectible moments (video moments from football players) with different stats where you play in 1v1 matches with the objective of destroying your opponents' defense and scoring goals.
  • Fantasy Leagues - A Web, iOS and Android app with +2M downloads and +1M registered users worldwide where you can play the biggest football leagues in the world, including the official Portuguese men's and women's fantasy leagues.
At the center of our ecosystem lies the $FEVR token, which is the currency of this innovative sports world we are building.
Where can I apply to work at RealFevr?
If you want to apply to work at RealFevr, contact us through our website and choose "Careers" on the "Subject/Department" drop down list.
Let us know what you've been up to (education and work experience), or add a link to your LinkedIn account, and share how you would add value to the project as well as your ambitions.
  • If you're a code genius, let us know what languages you can "speak" and feel free to show us some of your lines, just to impress us.
  • If you're a designer, you can also add a link to your portfolio website, so we can check out your work.
Do you have a Referral System?
Yes. The Queen, a character from the world of Organya, created special campaigns with plenty of benefits for the best recruiters. So, the more you recruit, the better! Learn more about our Recruit-A-Friend program here.
What are your Social Media channels?
Check our Official Links.
I have a question/problem to report! Where can I get help?