Moments, Stats & Abilities

From collectibles to in-game assets
The Moments you purchased on the Marketplace or got from participating in one of our Drops, become players (game-assets) in Organya that you, as a coach, will put on the pitch to compete with your opponents.
List of Moments
Each Moment has:
  • Rarity (Common, Special, Epic, Legendary and Unique)
  • Position (Forward, Midfielder, Defender and Goalkeeper)
  • Stats
  • Special Abilities that cause some effect or perform some action in your own and your team favour.
Moments each have 4 base stats:
  • The orange shield represents the Defense damage, the amount of damage they can do when placed on the Defensive lane
  • The red arrow represents the Attack damage, meaning the power they have when placed on the Offensive lane
  • The yellow square represents the Goalkeeper damage, meaning the damage they can do when placed on the Goalkeeper line
  • The blue heart represents the Stamina (the amount of damage they can take before being defeated)
When battling, the attacking power will deal that amount of damage to the Stamina of the opponent’s Moments. If that damage results in reducing Stamina to 0 or to a negative number, the Moment will be destroyed.
The tiers affect the stats (the rarer the Moment, the stronger they will be) and the amount of times they can attack per turn.
  • Specials and Epic can attack twice per turn.
  • Legendaries and Uniques can attack 3 times per turn.
  • All tiers can only score a goal once per turn. If you score, you can't use that Moment again that turn, even if you could still attack.
Besides stats, some Moments also have special abilities associated with them, which are activated when placed on the field.
  • Shield: puts itself in the way of attacks targeted at the Goalkeeper or to an empty net. If your opponent has a Moment with Ball Stopper, you will have to defeat it before you can attack the Goalkeeper or score a goal
  • Quickstrike: can attack in the same turn it is placed on the field
  • Inspire: when entering the pitch, increases the Active Power of a single moment, the whole lane where it is placed, or the whole team
  • Fortify: when entering the pitch, increases the Stamina of a single moment, the whole lane where it is placed, or the whole team
Other Important Notes:
  • For Moments with both Inspire and Fortify, if they are meant to buff the attributes of a single Moment, when you first place them on the field, a green arrow will show up. You must click on one of your own Moments so that it will receive the attribute buff (extra attack or stamina).
  • Moments that are locked in the Dropbook can still be used in-game.