Where can I see my Moments?

Learn where to find your collection
When you purchase a collectible, you'll get a pop-up that will forward you to your Collection.
In case you missed it, follow these steps.
  • Connect your wallet to our website where it says "Connect wallet"
Desktop version:
  • Select your web3 wallet.
  • Follow the instructions on your wallet's pop-up. Signature, password... etc
  • The "Connect wallet option" will be replaced by your username, related to your User Profile. If you haven't created yours yet, make sure you do it before proceeding.
  • Finally, click the down arrow which will reveal a dropdown menu, and select the "Collection" option. Scroll down a bit, and your NFTs will be visible! You can also check your transaction history in the tab right next to your Collection, where it says "Transactions".
Mobile version:
Although other wallets work, we'll show the example on Metamask.
  • On the Metamask app, select the three horizontal lines icon on the top left on your screen.
  • Select the "Browser" option on the menu.
  • Type the RealFevr website URL:
  • Allow your wallet to connect to the website.
  • Tap on the icon that represents your User Profile (if you don't have one yet, create it before proceeding), next to the three lines icon, and then tap on the "Collection" option.
  • Finally, scroll down, and your collectibles will be visible!