User Profile

What it is and why do you need to create one
The User Profile is of extreme importance to our community of collectors and the overall ecosystem.
You are given the possibility to create your own branding/collector’s identity by following 4 simple and quick steps:
  • Set Username
  • Set Avatar
  • Email Address
  • Confirmation
Choosing your username:
The very first step in your collector journey is taken by setting your username. It will represent your identity within our ecosystem and, for that reason, it should be a decision process that requires some reflection.
Visualize it, think about the type of collector you want to be and how you wish to be perceived in the sports collector community and, once the perfect username comes to mind, lock it, so that no one else does it before you.
  • The second step is to set your profile avatar.
  • Email Address: By submitting your email address on the user profile, you will receive important information not only about the project itself, but also about your own collector accomplishments, marketplace sales, and more!
  • Confirmation: The fourth and final step of the profile setup process is the confirmation itself. You will be given an overview of the information you have provided in the previous steps (the email address will only appear if you have provided it in step 3) and, after double-checking everything, you can save your profile.

🆕 User Profile V2: New Improvements

Dashboard: Your dashboard showcases your Collection’s stats, Organya rank, and provides a live overview of your staking activities. With a sleek design and intuitive layout, tracking your progress has never been easier.
📑 Centralized Subpages: Explore detailed insights about your owned Moments, the Packs you’ve purchased, your Marketplace trading growth and transaction history, your progression and the total rewards you’ve earned from your Dropbook’s. Everything you need is just a click away!
The launch of User Profile V2 is just the initial phase, and we have a plethora of further improvements in the pipeline.

👀 Upcoming Improvements

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming:
🎟️ Tickets: An overview of FEVR Battle Arena tickets you own, bought and deposited.
💼 Staking: A whole new subpage with detailed stats about your staking.
🏆 Rewards: Check all of your rewards and recognition in one place!
👀 Public View: Showcase your collection and achievements proudly.
🔔 Notifications Settings: Personalize your RealFevr experience with customized notifications.
🛒 Bundles (upcoming feature): An overview of your bundled transactions
💰 Offers (upcoming feature): Check all offers made to your NFTs.
We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation, bringing you features that will elevate your experience and immerse you in the world of Web3. RealFevr is expanding, and there’s so much more in store for you.