Daily Game Quest

Play a game everyday, win rewards!
By logging in each day and playing a PVP match in FEVR Battle or BNB Battle, you can get your Daily Game Quest reward. Complete the 30-day streak and earn increasingly better rewards each day.
⚠️ But be warned, miss a day, and you’ll lose all your progress and be back to square one.
Here’s a rundown of the rewards you can earn by playing 1 PVP Daily Game on Survival, Playoffs or FEVR/BNB/ETH Battle which you can only access by purchasing tickets ( )
  • You can earn using the Free-to-Play Starter deck, the deck you get for free after completing the tutorial, as long as you play in one of the ticket Game Modes stated above.
So what rewards can you earn?
🔝 XP — Get experience points to level up;
🟣 $FEVR — Earn $FEVR to buy packs or tickets; whose amount increases throughout the month
🎫 Tickets —Use these tickets to participate in exciting battles in FEVR Battle!
🏆 The Ultimate Reward — If you complete our 30-Day Game Quest you’ll receive a FEVR Battle ticket and one Special Moment to upgrade your deck!
With Daily Game Quest, we want to offer a unique and exciting way to win rewards for free while having fun playing Organya. To ensure you don’t miss out on the Daily Game Quest in Organya, note that the game operates on UTC+0 timezone. Play within the designated timeframe or use the in-game timer to guide you.
Disclaimer: identified cheaters/farmers will not be rewarded