Lore (Story)

Questions about the lore of Organya.
What is Organya?
Ascend to the new world! Organya is a planet orbiting a ravaged Earth that was destroyed beyond recognition. The Queen who reigns over is asking for the help of football players to come and fight for Organya in the Arena against an emerging threat…
What is Lore?
Lore can be described as the longstanding understanding, beliefs, and narratives connected to a specific location, topic, or group.
In terms of storytelling or fandom lango, it’s the term used to refer to the story bits (the characters, the world, their descriptions and backstories).
Why did you add Lore to the ecosystem?
The lore was created with the goal of gluing all our products together while giving them a soul. Storytelling has been around since the dawn of time, connecting people, ideas and visions together in an engaging way which anyone can easily relate to.
It also contributes to creating a widespread appeal to bring more players.
What is Yankar - the Rogue Syndicate?
For the thrill chaser within you, paired with the love of football, the Rogue Syndicate brings you different mini-games which you can play whenever it is available on our website (link to Yankar section).
Within the lore, they are an enigmatic group of crooked individuals led by the Lord of Chance who enjoy high risk and reward. Their goals are still a mystery…
Who are the characters?
Characters like the Queen, The Prophet of the Pitch and the Lord of Chance are key elements in the story of Organya. The lore is reflected everywhere as you navigate our ecosystem as different features, campaigns and mini-games are released.
Stay tuned to our social media dedicated to the world of Organya and the game to keep up with new story bits we release, paired with amazing art.
Are there story elements in the game?
Within Organya - the game, for now there will be a Tutorial Scenario where The Prophet of the Pitch teaches you how to play amidst the dire situation on Earth that has players wanting to ascend to Organya. Complete the Tutorial and fight for Organya!