Safe practices

There are some things you need to keep in mind to better your experience and above all, stay safe.
Here are some general safe practices to keep your funds secure.
The RealFevr Team and Mods will never message you first (on any social media)
  • Never share the seed phrase of your digital wallet, or connect it to unofficial websites. Check out our Official Links section.
  • Change your Telegram privacy settings to avoid being added to fake groups: Channels and Group Chats -> Who can add me -> My Contacts
  • When choosing a password for your wallet, make sure it is strong, and different from any others you are using or have used in the past. Opt for multi-factor authentications.
Seed phrase:
  • When you create a web3 wallet, you are given a seed phrase, which is a group of random words that grants access to your wallet to anyone who has it. In order to use your wallet on a new device, you'll need your seed phrase. Never forget the Golden Rule: Don't share your seed phrase with anyone. There is not a single situation or scenario where sharing your seed phrase with someone is required, and whoever tells you otherwise does not have good intentions. It's also important to keep a physical copy of your seed phrase, or several, stored somewhere safe. A digital copy such as a screenshot on your phone, copying and pasting the code into an email or on an app where you can write notes can easily be compromised if a hacker gains access to your device.
  • If you lose your seed phrase, there is no way to get your funds back
  • Any mistake made during a transaction, like sending your funds to the wrong address by mistake, bridging incorrectly (transactions between different blockchains), and other scenarios, will lead you to lose your funds, with no way to get them back. Since in the crypto space holders are entirely responsible for their own funds, RealFevr does not offer support or guidance for transactions or any other movement from wallet to wallet. There are some online guides that can help you with this. Keep in mind that RealFevr is not responsible for lost tokens due to errors during the transaction process caused by the users. If you are not entirely confident about a transaction you are about to make, double check to see if everything is correct.
Connecting to the internet:
  • Make sure your internet connection is secure when making crypto transactions, while avoiding the use of public Wi-Fi networks if possible. Additionally, to reach even greater security, you might want to employ the use of a VPN.
  • Don't connect your wallet to websites you are not entirely confident about or familiar with. Always double check if the websites are real/legit by checking the URL.
Personal device:
  • Update your personal device with the latest software upates and anti-virus solutions to protect yourselfy from vulnerabilities that hackers usually take advantage off.
Advanced practices:
These practices are recommended once you are more familiarized with the crypto space.
Owning multiple wallets:
  • Rather than keeping all your funds in a main wallet, distributing your assets across different wallets lessens the risk of losing all of them in case you fall victim to a phishing scam or lose access to a certain wallet. Make sure you keep a physical copy of all the seed phrases somewhere safe.
You must also protect yourself from scammers. which run rampant in the crypto space.