Types of scams to watch out for

The crypto space is inhabited by all sorts of people: investors, gamers, educators, tech wizards, pioneers and many more. But there are also a lot of scammers running hammock. Scammers in general are not limited to crypto, but they do take advantage of the anonymity that is natural in this space to unleash their schemes.
What type of scams can you encounter?
  • One of the most common types, phishing scams are spread through ads and emails. Avoid clicking on unknown and/or suspicious links.
Copycat websites:
  • Scammers sometimes recreate entire websites in order to steal people's funds as soon as they connect their web3 wallet. Always double-check if you are on the correct website, by checking the URL.
Team impersonators:
  • Common on social media and communication channels, some scammers impersonate one or several of a project's team members by copying their names and profile pictures. RealFevr team members and mods never send direct messages first! We will never ask for your seed phrase or for you to provide personal information out of nowhere.
Fake giveaways:
  • All our giveaways are announced in our social media channels, never by direct message. When a giveaway is taking place, we announce the winners and ask them to send us a message first so they can claim their prize. Again, we reinforce that we don't message first.
Trading bot/group scams:
  • People may offer you fake trading bot services (automatic trading software), selling the idea by ensuring zero losses and garanteed gains, often asking you to send them money or pay an unknown broker. Whether trading bots themselves work in general or not is a complex question, but you must stay wary at all times and do your own dillegence when making this kind of decision.
  • There are also fake trading groups, which attract people who are interested in trading with false hopes of high returns after paying membership fees. You'll most likely lose your funds.
RealFevr is not responsible for lost funds in any of these scenarios. Please operate safely, and when in doubt contact us, as long as the matter is related to our product/services.