NFT Borrowing and Lending

The trading among fellow collectors
The NFT Borrow & Lending system is a future feature that will be a game-changer for the whole ecosystem. On one hand, users will be able to take advantage of a decentralized marketplace to perform peer-to-peer transactions, capitalizing on their digital assets or leveraging other users’ assets to improve their in-game performance.
  • Borrow and Lending entails obtaining NFTs from other holders for a specified period, allowing the borrower to play with them in Organya while the lender retains ownership.
  • Lending, on the other hand, involves the NFT holders lending their NFT to borrowers in exchange for a fee, during the lending duration. This fee is paid in $FEVR tokens.x5
This system will bring another utility to the FEVR token, as it will be the currency utilized for any borrowing/lending transaction!