Yankar Predictor

The sports predictions mini-game, by Yankar — The Rogue Syndicate
Predict. Burn Win! The Predictor is the first mini-game hosted by Yankar - The Rogue Syndicate (check bottom of this article to learn what it is).
It is an experience tailor-made for fans and collectors who seek to be at the center of the RealFevr ecosystem!
The objective is simple yet deceptively challenging: predict which football player will score and when, and receive THE moment if you predict correctly.
  • This mini-game is associated with real football matches and thus isn't always available to play. Predictor games are always announced on our social media ahead of time, according to the chosen football match.


Embarking on this sports prediction game is exciting and can be a journey filled with twists and turns, but fear not, for this three-step guide will teach you how to play!


1st step: Select Player(s)
In the first step, you’ll need to select the player or players you think will score a goal. This can be anyone from either team, whether it’s from the starting 11 or the bench, so choose wisely.
2nd step: Select the Minute(s)
In the second step, you’ll need to select the minute(s) in which you think the goal will be scored. This can be any minute from the 1st to the 120th, depending on whether the game goes into extra time.
⚠️ Disclaimer: Not all goals will count toward the game! Unfortunately, penalty shootouts and disallowed goals will not be included in the final tally.
Once you’ve made your selections, you’re ready to move on to the third step.


3rd step: Start Mining Moments
Here’s where the real fun begins.
To make your prediction, you’ll need to burn your $FEVR by depositing it into the game. After that, just confirm the total combinations are correct to conclude your forecast.
Each ticket has a cost of 200 FEVR and will grant you access to one prediction.
$FEVR Token address (BSC): 0x82030cdbd9e4b7c5bb0b811a61da6360d69449cc
Note: Tickets are automatically deposited when you conclude step 3.

🤑 WIN.

If you excel in playing this game, you will be rewarded with a brand-new moment… but what’s the tier of that moment? And what are Moments?
  • Tiers Rewards
As with any game of opportunity and reward, there is an element of rarity and exclusivity that makes the experience all the more thrilling.
In this game, the tier of the moment you receive will depend on the number of winners.
🏆 Here’s a list of possible rewards:
Only 1 correct prediction per minute/player — Unique Moment
Between 2–50 correct predictions per minute/player — Legendary Moment
Between 51–500 correct predictions per minute/player — Epic Moment
⚠️ DISCLAIMER: The maximum number of picks of the same player and the same minute is 500 (Example: 200 FEVR on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal at Minute 10).
Choose your players carefully and make your predictions with confidence.


The winners of Yankar’s game will be announced on our social media channels, so make sure to follow us.
For now, don’t miss your chance to win moments from DFB-Pokal final!
With all this being said, you may be wondering what Yankar is all about. Will more be revealed? Will there be more games? Does this syndicate play a major role in our ecosystem? Well, here’s all we know for now:


Yankar, the Rogue Syndicate is a clandestine underground society ruled by the Lord of Chance whose members are anonymous.
Their mysterious and dark initiatives embody their joy for the thrill of the game and its members are united by the values of chaos, greed, and power.