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What are the Fantasy Leagues?

Learn about the first ever product that RealFevr launched
RealFevr started as a fantasy football app in 2016 (available on both iOS and Android) with more than 2.5M downloads, 1.2M already registered users and 10 national leagues, 3 international club competitions and all the major European team competitions, including the Top 5 european leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Liga Portugal bwin. And more!
Play the fantasy, reach the scoreboard and win prizes! ($FEVR and collectibles).
The platform is Free-To-Play, though we do offer a Premium service which gives you additional perks.
RealFevr Fantasy Sports is the best platform for football fantasy leagues, being a one-stop shop for the best national leagues and worldwide tournaments. Our platform is always evolving, with new features and competitions every season!
And what are fantasy leagues?
A fantasy league is an online game that allows you to be the owner, general manager and coach of your very own virtual sports team with real life players. You'll be able to compete against the whole community or just your family, friends and colleagues, if you have your own private league.
  • You have a budget to spend on your players, that you can pick with a certain limit per position and club/national team and within your preferred formation, that you can choose from the available selection. In each gameweek/round, players from fantasy teams earn points based on how well they perform in real life matches. Therefore, points can be added for goals, assists, clean sheets, and other positive statistics, and are lost when the team conceded goals or yellow and red cards. This way, the better your player performs in real life, the higher your fantasy points.
  • To improve your winning chances you may have to sell players that are underperforming, injured or have been traded to another club and buy new ones to replace them, but everything has to be done according to the budget and roster limitation rules. Every gameweek/round you have a certain number of free transfers and during the season/tournament you may also have a certain number of wildcards. In case you still require extra transfers to cover your roster needs, you may have to take a loss and get some hit points.
Available competitions:
Tier 1 Leagues:
Tier 2 Leagues:
Tier 3 Leagues:
Periodical Leagues:
  • Euro Fantasy (UEFA European Championship)
  • Africa Fantasy (CAF Africa Cup of Nations)
  • America Fantasy (CONMEBOL Copa America)