What are Drops?

Learn what they are and how you can participate
Very simply put, a Drop is a Pack Sale. In other words, a moment in which packs containing our collectibles are sold to the public.
All collectibles come in packs with different rarities and supply: BASIC, RARE, SUPER RARE and ULTRA. The rarer the pack, the higher the chances you are gifted with an extremely scarce moment. Packs also contain different quantities of NFTs inside, according to their rarity and price.
The types and amount of packs available in each Drop may vary.
Pack opening
After purchasing your packs, you can find them on your Collection. In order to open them you'll need BNB for the fees. You'll be able to see which Moments you pulled, and decide how you will use them.
  • The Moments that collectors want to trade will be listed in the Collectibles Marketplace, meaning that Drops are not the only way you can get our collectibles since you may also decide to purchase them directly from the marketplace. You can choose from a range of filters to quickly find the specific moment you are looking for, like a players’ name, season, club, position, rarity, among many others.
  • Drop dates are always announced on our social media channels, as well as on the website. Stay tuned so you don't miss them! Check out our Official links and stay tuned!