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Welcome to RealFevr

RealFevr is a web3 startup building an ambitious sports GameFi ecosystem around licensed sports digital collectibles and video games.
Established in Lisbon in 2015, our journey began with the audacious goal of revolutionizing Fantasy Leagues. Today, we stand as a driving force in the Web3 Gaming landscape with a diverse ecosystem fueled by innovation, an exceptional team, and unwavering core values.
Currently, our ecosystem is composed of 3 main pillars:
  • Collectibles Marketplace - A peer-to-peer marketplace designed for trading RealFevr NFT collectibles among users. Transactions are conducted using either $FEVR or $BNB tokens, and each transaction's details are permanently logged on the blockchain.
  • Organya - Organya is a turn-based football strategy game in which you build a deck of 50 collectible moments (video moments from football players) with different stats where you play in 1v1 matches with the objective of destroying your opponents' defense and scoring goals.The game merges reality and fantasy within its story, while introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology, granting you total ownership of your collectibles and the ability to trade them with others.
  • Fantasy Leagues - A Web, iOS and Android app with +2M downloads and +1M registered users worldwide where you can play the biggest football leagues in the world, including the official Portuguese men's and women's fantasy leagues.
At the center of our ecosystem lies the $FEVR token, which is the currency of this innovative sports world we are building.
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